Sailing Nude...

 This is a nude sailing charter offering a clothes free sailing vacation. 

Bodrum, Turkey

Sailing Nude

Nude Sailing Holidays in Turkey and the Greek Islands. Cabin charter on a 4 cabin sailing yacht sailing from Bodrum, Turkey to the Greek Islands. We set sail to some amazing bays away from the crowd. Learn how to sail and enjoy the sea and the sun all naked!

Cabin Charter
Cabin charter is perfect for nudist couples looking to sail without having to charter the entire boat. You will be renting a double cabin for 2 and share the boat with 2 other couples, plus the skipper (M) and host (F), all nudists.

We will embark from Bodrum, Turkey and sail the Southeast Aegean. Depending on the conditions, we may sail over to the Greek Islands or stay on the Turkish coast. The cruise starts on a Saturday at 1pm, return to base harbor the next Friday afternoon, and ends on Saturday at 9am.

Itinerary: Bodrum embark
Kos or Kalymnos
Leros or Nisyros
Symi and Rhodes or Patmos
Bodrum disembark


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Most meals will be had on board. All cooking and cleaning will be shared. Skipper and host nudist as well.

We will make the initial food and drink supplies prior to the trip, so you don’t have to worry about doing grocery shopping. Through out the week, we may stop in some bays, harbors for more food, drinks, etc.
We will make stops here and there, so some lunches and dinners may be had on shore.

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Ship Details


4 cabins
2 bathrooms (shared)

The yacht is a 2008 Beneteau 43'
Towels, linens will be provided for you but you may bring your own beach towels.


Rates and Guidlines
€1,200 per couple/cabin plus joint expenses like food, drinks and legal and port fees

  • Due to laws, regulations and cultural reasons there will be plenty of times where you need to get covered up. Such as marinas, harbors, crowded bays and approaches as well as departures from such places.
  • Your skipper will inform you on such occasions.
  • This is a couples only charter.
  • You will be sharing the yacht with others, so you are expected to clean up after yourselves.
  • Food, water and other consumables will be purchased from the kitty (joint money pool).
  • Also, some of the expenditures such as marina fees, customs, legal fees and fuel, etc. will be paid off from the kitty.
  • Skipper does not join in for the expenses.
  • Alcohol may be purchased separately from the crew.
  • Dishes and meals cooked on board will also be shared among the crew.