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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, What is the difference between a lifestyle resort and a nudist resort?
  2. Question 2, What is the difference between "Clothes Free" and "Clothing Optional"?
  3. Question 3, Why would I list my property or charter on Travelbuff web site?
  4. Question 4, What if I have changes or new images I want to add to my page?
  5. Question 5, What happened to the old banner style of advertising with Travelbuff?
  6. Question 6, What size images do I need for my web page slideshow?
  7. Question 7, How do I sign up to join the Nude Vacation Gallery?
  8. Question 8, How long does it take to get my page live on the web?
  9. Question 9, Can I link to my web page and use my Travelbuff page as my own home page?

Answer 1:

Simply put they are worlds apart. Lifestyle resorts lean more towards a sexual atmosphere with separate rooms to mingle and mix things up with each others spouses. These resorts are sometimes referred to as swinger resorts with a sexual reference. Nudist resorts are just that and follow the AANR guidelines which supports the beliefs that sexuality is not a state of undress but rather, a state of mind and that social nudity is not a sexual activity. Travelbuff will not list or allow any type or variation of a "lifestyle resort".

Answer 2:

Relatively minor difference between these two types of properties. Clothing-optional properties allow visitors to remain dressed, believing that some people take more time to adjust to social nudism. At clothes-free resorts, you’re expected to be nude, all based on outdoor temperatures, normally.

Answer 3:

Travelbuff has been listing clothes free and nudist properties since 2004. We have a great following and get a lot of traffic for each of the properties and charters we have listed.  Customers have trusted Travelbuff to give them great variation nudist vacations vacations from around the world and our information is up to date unlike other listings you may see.  We are also very reasonably priced so you pay a little and get a lot.

Answer 4:

Use our contact page to inform us of the changes and we'll be glad to update your page at no extra charge, including switching or adding newer images, which we encourage.  The more updated and fresh your web page is the more its going to get looked at from our visitors.

Answer 5:

With our newly updated web site, we have opted out of the small banner type of advertising and have moved to a featured property or charter listing right on our home page so the visibility has been greatly improved over the banner.  We hope that this new feature has been an added update with better location, visibility and better look.

Answer 6:

Image sizes for your personalized slideshow header is 900 X 375 pixels, preferably in a .jpg format, that is a good quality image. Do not worry about the resizing, leave that to us, just try to make the minimum size at 900 pixels or larger.  We can install 10 quality images into your slideshow presentation.

Answer 7:

We have a contact form at the bottom of our home page and our contact page.  In the form dropdown, select Sign Me up for the Nude Vacation gallery.  Email address is required.  You will receive a direct invite email to join our private, non-public Flickr gallery.  Yes you may have to join or sign up for Flickr but its a safe, reliable web site.  Please join and feel free to show your nude vacation experiences.

Answer 8:

Normally if you send all the images you want to use along with the property information form, we can build your page in less than 10 days, which is why we have the 10 day trial, in order to build your web page and allow time for you to review it before it goes live.

Answer 9:

Yes, we will build your page to match our format and we have designed our pages to look and feel like your own web site, including all of your contact information, phone numbers, email addresses etc.  Any special requests, just ask and we will try to accomodate.